Sri Nandu Bhai Ji was born on 21st November 1948 in the Jhunjhunu district of the state of Rajasthan in India. He did his studies in Darbhanga (Bihar) and later married to Vimla Devi on 19th February, 1969. He fathered three children namely Deepak, Jai and Preeti. Later, after completing his family obligations, his spiritual inclination led him to Devraha Baba and Chaitanya Hari Ji Maharaj, taking lessons on spiritualism from them.
Nandu Ji uses the gift of his voice to sing bhajans and kirtans to reach out to the common people praising Lord Krishna and also preaching about the culture and traditions of  India through it. He targets the young people mainly to preach the essence of Indian culture. He says “true love is God”. He has more than 2000 bhajans and kirtans to his credit. He also says that true worship is also about serving the poor and the needy selflessly

   We Give You A Series Of Nandu Ji Bhajans Of Lord Shri Krishna And Radha Rani.

Listen & download Nandu Ji Bhajans_-_

1.Shyam hamari puja archa.mp3
2. Thansu Arji Hai.mp3
3. Meri Sunkar karun pukar.mp3
4. Radha ki payal.mp3
5. Majdhar kya karega.mp3
6. Julmi kanudo yasoda ter.mp3
7. Chhakar rakhle.mp3
8. Palke hi palke Bichhaye.mp3
9. Kirtan ki hai rat baba.mp3

Watch Nandu Ji Bhajan Here_-_

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