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Devkinandan Thakur Ji Maharaj Bhajans

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       Shri Devkinandan Thakurji was born on 12th September in the year 1978, in Ohwa village, Mathura (Lord Krishna's birthplace) in the state of Uttar Pradesh India. Born in a Brahmin family his father Shri Rajveer Sharma and his mother, both were religious and believers of Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran. The family was full of happiness with his birth as their second child in a family of four sons and two daughters. In childhood he showed signs of his divine insight and greatness. From a very early age of six, he left his home and stayed at Shree Dham Vrindavan where he participated in Brij's famous Rasalila Sansthan and performed as Lord Krishna and Lord Ram. As he use to play the role of Lord Krishna who is also called as Thakurji Shri Devkinandanji's loved ones, his family and his Guruji also called him Thakurji. At Shree Dham Vrindavan he met his spiritual preceptor his Sadguru, Anant Shri Vibhushit Bhagwat Acharya Purushottam Sharan Shastriji . He later got his spiritual initiation diksha under the Guru-Shishya Parampara as the follower of the NIMBARAK SAMPRADAYA . Shri Nimbarka Sampradaya, under the leadership of the most Holy Sri 'Shriji Maharaja' has progressed astoundingly. For a manifestation of the qualities of the ancient Vedic Rishis, one needs to look no further than the lotus feet of Shri Shriji Maharaja.

Free Download And Listen Onlline Shri Devkinandan Thakurji Bhajans_-_

1. Aao Shyam Ji Kanhaiya Nand Lal Ji.mp3

2. Diwane Hain Diwano Ko Na Ghar Chahiye.mp3

3. Jahan Le Chaloge Vahi Main Chaluga.mp3

4. Kanhaiya Kanhaiya Pukara Karenge.mp3

5. mera maan panchi ye bole.mp3

6. Mere Banke Bihari Lal...mp3

मेरा मन पंछी ये बोले, उड़ वृन्दावन जाऊँ...
निधिवन जी मेँ जहाँ कन्हैया रास रचाते है,
प्रेम भरी अपनी बाँसुरिया आप बजाते है,

राधा संग नाचे साँवरिया, दर्शन करके आऊँ,
ब्रज के लटा-पटा मेँ, मैँ राधे राधे गाऊँ।

मेरा मन पंछी ये बोले, उड़ वृन्दावन जाऊँ...

छैल छबिले कृष्ण पिया तेरी याद सताती है,
कुह-कुह कर काली कोयल दिल तड़पाती है,
छीन लिया सब तूने मेरा, यार कहाँ अब जाऊँ,

ब्रज के लटा-पटा मेँ, मैँ राधे राधे गाऊँ।
मेरा मन पंछी ये बोले, उड़ वृन्दावन जाऊँ...

मैँ राधे-राधे-राधे- राधे गाऊँ,
मैँ श्यामा-श्यामा-श्यामा - श्यामा गाऊँ।

मेरा मन पंछी ये बोले, उड़ वृन्दावन जाऊँ,
ब्रज के लटा-पटा मेँ,मैँ राधे राधे गाऊँ।


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Thank you very much to accept my request.pls upload more new bhajans.

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I want Jap Radha naam apar , dum aave na aave by Devkinandan ji pls ......

i want honton pe tera naam ho , but dont know singer name

Find It Here, http://babashyam.com/002-Hothon%20pe%20tera%20naam%20ho-Peera%20garhi.mp3

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Dear Dheeraj G i want hanuman chalisa by Narender Chanchal Ram Ji Se Ram Ram Kahiyo after this line Chalisa thanks

dear deeraj g i am very thankful to you that you have a collections of devakinandan thakurji bhajan and
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Dheeraj G your work is very good, krishna aapko sari khusiyan de aap shyam bhakto ki demands ko pura krte ho.

Jai shree radhe

Jai shree krishna

dear dheeraj g can u provide me "bhakto se milne khatir" shyam bhajan by jai shankar chowdhry.

Thanks For Compliment Bro! it will be continued As I Can.......

Sab kuch dekha duniya mein gar shyam na dekha kya dekha,

Sab kuch bhul gya mein to jab se shyam tumhe dekha.

Jai shree krishna all of you.

Jai jai shree radhe. (h)



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